Laser cutting machine TL3015PWD

Laser cutting machine TL3015PWD

Used in many areas of the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, Theta Laser's laser technology contributes to production productivity by tailoring the equipment to the production process, and with its high precision and cutting speed, with minimal roughness Cutting surfaces contributes.


Stable and distortion-free machine bed

The TL3015PWD series is made from long-lasting, high-quality components and has a robust machine bed construction. It is designed so that it works precisely under the toughest conditions and offers a long service life.

Laser cutting optics

Technology from Germany

The fiber laser cutting system of Theta Laser GmbH is equipped with a German Atlanta frame, a Japanese Yaskawa engine and a German Neugart reduction gearbox. The positioning accuracy of the laser system is 0,02 mm and the cutting acceleration up to 1,5 G.


Machine ModelTL3015PWD
laser power1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W (Optional)
Dimensions8150 * 2825 * 2125mm
Workspace3000mm x 1500mm
repeatability± 0.02mm
Max. Cutting speed120m / min
Max. Acceleration1.5G
connection data380V 50Hz / 60HZ

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