Different methods for laser processing

Laser cutting by fiber laser
(1064nm - 1070nm)

We offer different methods for editing material. In this way, our customers can build on a variety of ways to customize or change their material. For example, projects are possible with the help of the fiber laser, which achieves excellent results as an innovative cutting system. With a power of 2,2 kilowatts, this device is predestined for cutting and can cut various materials such as structural steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or copper. Even large machining areas of up to 3 meters are no problem.

Processing area: 1500mm x 3000mm
Performance: 2,2Kw
Predestined for cutting: structural steel up to 20mm, stainless steel 8mm, aluminum 6mm, brass or copper 3mm.

Laser marking (fiber laser 1064nm)

Other processes, such as laser marking, can be implemented without difficulty with the FLM20-50 system, allowing the marking or engraving of metal or other plastics. There are three open systems for laser wage work available and can achieve high quality results in a short time. A system with an optical height scanning, another with rotary axis and a system for engraving tasks allows laser marking with the highest precision and according to individual customer specifications.

20Watt System with Optical Height Scanning
30Watt system with rotary axis
50Watt system for engraving tasks.

Co2 laser systems (10640nm)

Other methods of laser processing are possible with the high-quality CO2 laser systems. These components, which are available for the laser contract work, can be used both for cutting and labeling of organic materials. The right wavelength achieves perfect results that are particularly impressive in this area of ​​material processing. Both a closed and an open CO2 laser makes it possible to cut metal foils as well as wood, leather or plastics. The closed system also has the opportunity to process other organic materials accordingly. Here a consultation for the respective use is recommended.

Co2 Laser (open)
Performance: 120Watt
Workspace: 1200mm x 900mm
Responsibilities: cutting metal foils, leather, wood, plastics.

Co2 Laser (closed)
Performance: 100Watt
Workspace: 1000mm x 600mm
Responsibilities: Inscription / engraving of leather, wood, plastics and other organic materials.

CNC press brake (200to)

Another highlight is our high-quality CNC press brake, which can be used above all for a broad field of forming technology. With our experience, we have interdisciplinary solutions available that can be implemented as optimal development. With the help of the CNC-controlled press brake, it is child's play to convert everything from laser cutting to the finished folded component in one process and to obtain a completely finished workpiece. Thus, several processes are possible in just a few steps thanks to laser cutting and forming right through to the finished component.

Hydraulic press brake (200to)
Bending capacity: 200 to.
Working length: 3020 mm
Lifting height: 280 mm
Opening width: 450 mm
Task: Forming from the laser cut to the finished component.

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