Exact laser cutting by modern methods


In the machine industry and in the construction industry, precise work is only possible with high-quality components. Today, fortunately, modern processes are used to make these components clean and efficient. Modern lasers, in contrast to older methods, are very precise and able to cut materials efficiently and cleanly. High-quality materials such as various metals as well as steel and stainless steel can be cut in this way in the appropriate dimensions. Also, materials that used to be worked on under a lot of effort can be easily cut into the desired shape in this way. This includes, for example, brass, copper or titanium. Competent partners such as Theta Laser are the right contact person, because with the specially tailored plant according to the latest standards, a large number of companies can upgrade their production facilities. Above all, the high degree of efficiency requires up to 2% less energy than older CO70 laser cutting systems and thus works extremely efficiently. Edges are cut in this way particularly straight, even and without additional scars. With laser technology, this results in a very high quality in the processing of the material. Even small roughness depths in the kerfs are one reason why more and more productive companies on the one hand use modern laser cutting as a service or are inclined to commission their own plant in order to manufacture their own tool parts in the long term.

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