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Nowadays high-quality projects for the processing of material are only possible with expert knowledge and appropriate equipment. For this reason, we offer modern laser systems, which are ideally suited for the implementation of their planned projects. Marking by laser as well as the cut and the inscription with this modern technology makes it possible to make individual pieces, as well as smaller and larger series according to your wishes in order to order. At the same time, we can train your employees in the common laser systems and impart important basic knowledge of laser technology.

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of integrating high-quality laser systems in an existing process. This extends their production and can provide a company with long-term benefits in the specific tasks. In this context, the short-term high initial costs are worthwhile, as they ensure stable production of the corresponding projects in the long term. Depending on the application, therefore, the costs can also vary and be made flexible. In this context, consulting and prior knowledge of the numerous advantages and possibilities makes sense in order to consider a corresponding investment responsibly and professionally in their aspects.

Benefit from the offer

Above all, our offer includes the development of modern laser systems with the corresponding components. This includes the design of modern devices that are needed for construction in a manual and automated way. Isolated systems and components for the handling of modern laser applications can be individually adapted to the respective needs and tasks. The many years of experience in the field of construction, which above all also include the requirements for the implementation of certain aspects in mechanical and plant engineering, are advantageous. This way, all the important facets of a complete system are captured and their details can be designed step by step. Our past successfully completed projects have proved their worth especially because high productivity of the laser system also justifies the acquisition costs.

With our laser systems, it is possible to integrate the newly created components into planned production processes that already exist over a longer period of time. As we do this on a daily basis, we have a rich portfolio of experience. We can also respond to individual requests that master specific challenges with the use of laser systems. It is particularly important to us to offer an optimized customer solution which makes the reliable operation of the different machines possible with the actual operation by trained employees. For this reason, production processes can be optimized and lead to the manufacturing process of different projects with the latest laser technology is possible.

Personal advice

To benefit from the advantages of our solution, it is advisable to get an overview through an individual consultation. This is helpful to discuss exactly the possibilities offered by today's laser systems and laser technology. In doing so, we not only create corresponding systems, but also offer services that have specialized in a precise cut through laser technology. Products in series can be created as well as the professional installation of modern systems for your needs. At the same time, all aspects of the technology are discussed in detail to suit your needs. In this way, a coherent overall concept can be created that meets your requirements over a longer period of time. Reliability combined with important empirical values ​​are the key to success in order to achieve only the best results in this area.

Different methods for laser processing

Laser cutting by fiber laser
(1064nm - 1070nm)

We offer different methods for editing material. In this way, our customers can build on a variety of ways to customize or change their material. For example, projects are possible with the help of the fiber laser, which achieves excellent results as an innovative cutting system. With a power of 2,2 kilowatts, this device is predestined for cutting and can cut various materials such as structural steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or copper. Even large machining areas of up to 3 meters are no problem.

Processing area: 1500mm x 3000mm
Performance: 2,2Kw
Predestined for cutting: structural steel up to 20mm, stainless steel 8mm, aluminum 6mm, brass or copper 3mm.

Laser marking (fiber laser 1064nm)

Other processes, such as laser marking, can be implemented without difficulty with the FLM20-50 system, allowing the marking or engraving of metal or other plastics. There are three open systems for laser wage work available and can achieve high quality results in a short time. A system with an optical height scanning, another with rotary axis and a system for engraving tasks allows laser marking with the highest precision and according to individual customer specifications.

20Watt System with Optical Height Scanning
30Watt system with rotary axis
50Watt system for engraving tasks.

Co2 laser systems (10640nm)

Other methods of laser processing are possible with the high-quality CO2 laser systems. These components, which are available for the laser contract work, can be used both for cutting and labeling of organic materials. The right wavelength achieves perfect results that are particularly impressive in this area of ​​material processing. Both a closed and an open CO2 laser makes it possible to cut metal foils as well as wood, leather or plastics. The closed system also has the opportunity to process other organic materials accordingly. Here a consultation for the respective use is recommended.

Co2 Laser (open)
Performance: 120Watt
Workspace: 1200mm x 900mm
Responsibilities: cutting metal foils, leather, wood, plastics.

Co2 Laser (closed)
Performance: 100Watt
Workspace: 1000mm x 600mm
Responsibilities: Inscription / engraving of leather, wood, plastics and other organic materials.

CNC press brake (200to)

Another highlight is our high-quality CNC press brake, which can be used above all for a broad field of forming technology. With our experience, we have interdisciplinary solutions available that can be implemented as optimal development. With the help of the CNC-controlled press brake, it is child's play to convert everything from laser cutting to the finished folded component in one process and to obtain a completely finished workpiece. Thus, several processes are possible in just a few steps thanks to laser cutting and forming right through to the finished component.

Hydraulic press brake (200to)
Bending capacity: 200 to.
Working length: 3020 mm
Lifting height: 280 mm
Opening width: 450 mm
Task: Forming from the laser cut to the finished component.

Modern plant construction

Thanks to our large portfolio, laser systems can always be adapted to your needs. The machining process can also be adjusted and makes it possible to obtain a suitable system for your area of ​​responsibility. This is possible because we want to go the best way possible with you, not only to save costs, but also to achieve the highest level of functionality in the long term. The tailor-made system is state-of-the-art and allows you to save up to 47% of the costs. As a self-sufficient system, integration with an existing process is possible, which does not reduce your company's productivity. This allows our technicians to work with you to come up with the right concept and help with everything from the plan to the completion of the system. It takes into account all aspects and important measures that play a role in the implementation of the project and, at the same time, make sense as a suitable concept.

Nowadays, the productivity of a company with corresponding cost-efficiency is the key to success. Our laser systems are designed to be manufactured according to your requirements and to be able to implement a multitude of different tasks. The smooth incorporation into existing processes is a great advantage and is worthwhile especially for the long term for a stable production. In advance, you can experience the quality of our systems by commissioning for the production of various workpieces. So you know exactly which high-quality technology can be used for your company to expand or complete appropriate production processes.

For several years, the CNC-controlled cutting machines have been established in the industry as an economical and rational means of production. State-of-the-art technology is used and allows a wide range of production applications to be implemented.







Numerous advantages over previous separation methods

Modern lasers, in contrast to traditional methods, are far more accurate, cleaner and more efficient. With them it is possible to easily cut different materials such as stainless steel, steel or various metals. Even difficult to cut materials such as titanium, brass or copper can be processed in this way. This is possible due to a very high axis acceleration which requires up to 70% less energy compared to the CO2 laser cutting system. Especially at the cutting edge, the quality of the technology comes into play. Small roughness depths in the kerfs are the result and allow a particularly fine machining in the highest precision. In this way, no tooling costs and low setup costs through the humanization of the workplace are kept minimal by almost silent and vibration-free working. With a corresponding system, you can reproduce a very high dimensional accuracy again and again because an automated control is guaranteed.

Decisive for the development and also the application of the corresponding plants are above all the decreasing batch sizes. At the same time, this increases the demands on quality and accuracy of machining, whereby shorter innovation cycles mean maximum efficiency throughout the entire work process. The high-quality systems work so precisely that reworking the materials is no longer necessary at all.

Also advantageous is the automatic feed of the material. For example, models such as the 3D pipe cutting machine TR6 or the laser cutting machine TLC 1530 are able to carry out corresponding processes fully automatically. The automatic distance control including focus adjustment and a high laser power allow cuts of the highest quality and precision.

Reliable service for customers

Above all, our main focus is the cooperation with our customers. We offer all wearing parts, which are especially important to enable a smooth and flawless production process. As stock goods we have most of the parts in stock and in case of all cases we can respond quickly to inquiries and assistance. Service is provided by our technicians, who also provide training for their employees. This takes place directly at the plants and can be expanded by expert knowledge. At the same time you have the opportunity to constantly renew your database for the respective material or to create it from scratch. This also includes the possibility of cost-neutral sampling of our plants with their materials. Thus, you can get an idea of ​​the quality of our possibilities directly on site and take a close look at the technology of the various systems. Even a conversation with one of our technicians is not a problem in this case and allows you to get an insight into the different possibilities of modern laser technology.

Theta Cloud

The use of our cloud is also a way for our customers to participate in different processes and to be informed about all new features. This will allow you to receive documentation of the corresponding systems as well as control updates for the devices. Also, the digital retrieval of other documents is not a problem. Here you get a link to the cloud, which is automatically assigned with the user data with the purchase of an asset. In addition, we are also available by phone or email to discuss various processes or topics with you.

Especially in the long term, cooperation is the best way to promote the productivity of your own business in a good way. This includes the use of our maintenance service, which looks after your equipment or upgrades if possible. So you can always keep up to date and maintain the production level of your company. Especially nowadays the use of modern technology is an important means to develop a strong market position with the respective advantages. Also, specific consultations on the subject of modern laser systems are a great way to expand the current level of knowledge and to learn about new developments in the market. Especially in the long term, you can achieve your goals more easily and can use the advantages to plan safely and meaningfully into the future.

Of course, we answer your questions by phone or email.


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